Data Ingenieur (m/w)

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Responsibilities: You build prototypes, you set up automatic benchmarking procedures and you assess the scalability and robustness of different machine learning methods. You optimise the use of available CPU and GPU resources for training machine learning models on large datasets on platforms such as AWS and Azure. You work with our engineers to ensure that new models can be seamlessly integrated into our applications and reliably deployed on production systems. You actively share your know-how with our other data scientists (which already includes specialists in areas such as natural language processing, recurrent neural networks and mathematics) and in turn you learn from their ideas and expertise. Requirements: You can produce scalable, reliable and easy-to-understand code in Scala, Java and/or Python. You have deployed machine learning models in production, having tested their robustness and scalability in different environments. You are familiar with a wide range of machine learning approaches, in particular deep learning models. You are passionate about the newest neural network architectures, but you also remain pragmatic and recognise that a simpler traditional machine learning model might work just as well for many use cases. You enjoy solving mathematical problems. You desire to work in a small, agile team environment. You communicate proactively and work independently.

Benötigte Skills
  • Scala
  • JAVA
  • Python
  • Python
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  • Job Type Vollzeit