Data Analyst (w/m)

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Responsibilities: You analyse the data generated by our application and generate insights into where and how machine learning algorithms could be applied to improve the user experience. You identify the most important KPIs to measure the performance of our existing algorithms and set up automatic monitoring and reporting for these metrics. You advise our developers on how to log data so that the usage and usefulness of all features can be measured. You work with our DevOps to improve the accessibility and scalability of our logs and databases. Our Requirements: You are fluent in SQL (e.g. MySQL). Experience with ElasticSearch and/or NoSQL databases is a plus. You can write code for data processing in Python (using data analysis libraries such as pandas). You have experience with data visualization. You are always curious to try out new tools and libraries for the analysis and visualisation of data. You follow new developments in AI and understand how machine learning algorithms can help to analyse data. You have a sharp eye for irregularities in a dataset and you will leave no stone unturned when looking for the cause of an anomaly. You have a good understanding of statistics, in particular regarding hypothesis tests and statistical significance. You desire to work in a small, agile team environment. You communicate proactively and work independently.

Benötigte Skills
  • SQL
  • MySQL
  • NoSQL
  • Python
  • Python
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